FPS Game Jam 2017

  • Christian Graham - Design / Development

Game Jam

This game was made for a 48-hour university game jam. The theme of the jam was “versatile verbs”.


The idea for the game spawned from a deconstruction of the first person shooter (fps) genre. The core gameplay loop in fps generally consists of running, shooting, and occasionally interacting with an object within close quarters. In order to express the versatility of these verbs we attempted to merge these verbs into one another. This was an attempt not just to combine actions into fewer button clicks, but to change the way the player approaches situations and make sure the action is creating a momentum that is always pushing forward. To accomplish this objective our game combines the players health with their ammo and the reload function with a melee attack. By combining these systems I am hoping to increase the average amount of time a player spends standing directly in front of an enemy. By combining hp (health) with weapon ammo the player can shoot much more than a standard magazine, but at the cost of becoming more vulnerable. In order to replenish hp/ammo the player must then melee an enemy. When these systems work in tandem it means that it’s likely that the player will be in front of an enemy when they’re at their most vulnerable. This situation is high tension.

To further entice the player to take risks and increase tension I created a multiplier that builds higher the more ammo you expend. If you choose to expend a lot of ammo (and subsequently a lot of health) then upon melee’ing an enemy you will be rewarded with a multiplied sum of hp/ammo that overloads past the standard hp/ammo amount. This pushes the player to decide on the fly whether they would approach any given combat situation through offensive or defensive means. Further, it rewards high risk (high tension) behavior with a momentary burst of power as the player is able to slaughter everything around him.

In conjunction with the game jam I created a few level design documents in order to present the judges with justifications for my design decisions. You are welcome to look at them below.

I am happy to report that I won the game jam!

Level Design Documents


Final Game gifs