Game Description

Captain Planet: Gaia Guardians is a mobile idle game for iOS and Android based on the beloved 90’s icon Captain Planet. The environmentally conscious superhero and his five young helpers are back in a big way with this love letter to the show that taught a generation to reduce, reuse, and recycle. As in most idle games, resources accumulate even when you’re not playing. Close the game, go outside, and when you come back use the currency you’ve earned to level up your heroes and increase your chances of victory in the fight against pollution!

★★★★ Captain Planet: Gaia Guardians has a 4.5+ star rating on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store! ★★★★

My Role

Working on such a beloved cultural icon such as Captain Planet was an absolute joy. As one of the producers on Captain Planet my primary goals were to assist the QA department in scheduling tests, work with localization vendors to localize in-game text / store text, and work with 3rd parties to secure promotions and live-ops events. I worked with external contractors to ensure the team’s localization needs were fulfilled. Along with other producers we secured a launch day “App of the Day” deal with Apple leading to a promotional spot on the front page of the Apple App Store. Leading up to launch I was tasked with setting up the store pages, and assisting in the verification and submission of the mobile platform certifications (Apple App Store / Google Play Store). Further, I coordinated with the marketing department to ensure the creation of store assets. Lastly, I helped coordinate and run the “Earth Day” post launch event where, together with AT&T, we raised $100k in support of Project Learning Garden.

Tools Used:

  • Jira

  • Confluence

  • Base Camp

  • Trello

  • Fyber

  • Braze

  • ironSource

  • App Annie

  • Google Play Store Certification

  • Apple App Store Certification


  • Localized store and game text in coordination with an external vendor.

  • Developed and executed launch weekend customer support and QA plans.

  • Worked with Apple for a front page “App of the Day” feature.

  • Assisted in creating and running an “Earth Day” post launch live ops campaign in collaboration with AT&T.

  • Assisted the QA department in running internal playtests.

  • Worked with the marketing department to set up store pages.

  • Coordinated meetings between Adult Swim Games and the development studio.