My Organizations

  • TIGERDEV - President - 2017-2019

TigerDev is Auburn University's Official Game Development Club. TigerDev was founded several years ago on the idea that video game developers around Auburn should have a safe community in which to discuss game development. Over the past year as a member, then Secretary, now President I've helped to refine this goal. One of the road blocks that stops people from following their dreams of developing games is lack of technical skill. With this in mind I've set a new goal for TigerDev: to provide a community atmosphere focused around breaking down the barrier between technical skill and your imagination. Since becoming president I've raised our active weekly member base by 200%, our game jam participation by 100%, and our mailing list by 75%.

I truly believe we've helped people realize their dreams, and that warms my heart.

  • KIDS TO CODERS - Founder - 2018

I founded Kids to Coders in early 2018 with the goal to provide kids in my hometown with the kind of experiences I would have loved to have had. Kids to Coders' goal is to provide kids in rural areas with access to knowledgeable teachers that can help introduce them to the wonderful world of programming. The first run of Kids to Coders in Summer 2018 was a massive success. We successfully taught the basics of C++ to many students that might not have ever heard about programming. Ultimately we had elementary school students using while loops to generate how much money they would have if they saved their allowance, and a few high school students working on menu systems for a text adventure.

The program had a lot more responses than I had expected to receive, and we are looking to expand in the future. I am overwhelmed with the great response as I set out to see if I could touch the life of just one child like me, and ended up finding much more.

  • PROJECT GREATER LOVE - Founder - 2015

By performing small acts of kindness everyday we can spread a message of positivity throughout our community. This exact idea was used when I found Project Greater Love (PGL) in 2015. PGL was a company based around a singular idea and product. We made vinyl bumper stickers that had RFID chips built in. These chips would allow you to interface with our mobile app and leave a nice note for whoever owned the sticker. As more and more stickers were sent out into the wild it would become a nationwide scavenger hunt based around spreading positivity.

The idea stems from writing messages on the back of your friends dirty car, but incorporates technology and a wholesome message.

  • Student GOVERNMENT - President - 2013-2014

  • National Honor Society - President - 2013-2014

  • Beta Club - President - 2013-2014