Duck Game - [Nintendo Switch] - Production

Game Description

Duck Game is a chaotic four-player action arena game by Landon Podbielski and Adult Swim Games. Blast your friends with Shotguns, Net Guns, Mind Control Rays, Saxophones, Magnet Guns, and much more as you fight to the death in lightning fast round-based multiplayer. Duck Game is universally praised for it’s frantic “easy to learn, but hard to master” gameplay. With over 12,000+ Steam reviews it sits at a 95% positive rating on Steam.

“Pure multiplayer joy. A cross between Warioware, Towerfall and Smash Bros with online multiplayer and a dedicated quack button. An absolute must-buy.”


My Role

We had the pleasure of working with Armature Studios for the Nintendo Switch port of Duck Game. In collaboration with the rest of the team, my role as one of the producers on Duck Game (Switch) revolved around the fulfillment of tasks related to porting, milestone fulfilment, and rating/platform certification. Due to the multiplayer nature of Duck Game, coordinating internal (and external NDA) playtests was a consistent necessity. I worked with the QA department (and external contractors) to run these playtest sessions, and ensure that our testing needs were fulfilled. Further, I coordinated with the marketing department to ensure the creation of store assets for the Nintendo eShop. In addition to assisting with the setup of online store pages, I worked with other producers to obtain multiple international age ratings for the distribution of Duck Game (ESRB, PEGI, etc.). Over the course of development I was part of the milestone fulfillment process, and coordinated meetings between Adult Swim Games and Armature. Lastly, I assisted with the Nintendo platform certification process (Lot Check), and I’m proud to say that with the help of the whole team we were able to pass Lot Check on our first submission!

Tools Used:

  • Jira

  • Confluence

  • Base Camp

  • Trello

  • Nintendo Lot Check

  • MonoGame Framework


  • Assisted in Nintendo Platform Certification (Lot Check).

    • Passed on the first submission!

  • Assisted the QA department in running internal (and external) multiplayer playtests.

  • Helped obtain multiple international age rating certifications.

  • Tracked Armature Studios milestone fulfillment.

  • Worked with the marketing department to set up store pages.

  • Coordinated meetings between Adult Swim Games and Armature Studios.