• Christian Graham - Project Lead / Design Lead

  • Connor Lantz - Art Lead

  • Chase Slattery - Enemy AI Programming

  • Keola Silva - Procedural Map Generation Programming

*Currently in development.

★★★★SHOWCASED AT GDC 2019★★★★

Game Description

Fast as Heck is a roguelike rotation racer where you spin your phone to spin the world. Fast as Heck draws inspiration from Crazy Taxi, Diablo, and Blink-182 poster’s to deliver a no brakes neon injected shootathon. Grind demons into the asphalt and leave them in the dust as you race to deliver lost souls home. Fast as Heck combines the deep system-based gameplay of a roguelike with the approachable “pick up and play” gameplay of an infinite runner.

My Role

Fast as Heck has been my primary personal project since January 2019. As project lead & designer on Fast as Heck it is my primary responsibility to prototype new gameplay systems (Unity - C#), document system changes, balance existing systems, develop new content, and fulfill the team’s producer role. As producer I build and maintain our production schedule across sprints, develop test plans, and work with teammates to allocate time to specific tasks. Additionally, I create all of our marketing material, store copy, and work with third parties for potential promotional spots. I worked to have Fast as Heck showcased at GDC 2019.

Tools Used:

  • Unity

  • Trello


  • Actively develop Unity (C#) prototypes such as the player movement controller, gyroscope controller, weapon system, and progression system.

  • Build and maintain our production schedule across many sprints.

  • Design interesting and engaging gameplay systems for the mobile platform.

  • Continually update our Game Design Doc to reflect our current status in development.

  • Create marketing material, write store copy, and build out store pages.

  • Develop test plans and future milestones for the project.

  • Coordinated meetings and personal milestones between teammates.

★Gameplay GIFS★