Griefhelm - [PC] - Associate Producer

Game Description

Griefhelm is a tactical dueling game with stance-based combat by Johnny Lonack and Thorrnet Games. Attacks are made either high, middle, or low, and defenders must respond in kind. The game can be learned in a few minutes, but advanced moves, timing, ground control, and killer instincts will keep you learning for a long time. Duel solo or with a friend for the right to climb each level of Griefhelm and reach the Last Battle. Defend the gates of Death in 4-player local or online multiplayer battles. The Last Battle waits for thee!


BEST ACTION GAME - Dreamhack 2018

My Role

Thorrnet Games is an indie publishing label founded by Tucker Dean, one of the creative minds behind Robot Unicorn Attack, Rain World, and Duck Game. Over the past few months I’ve had the absolute pleasure of being employee #1. As associate producer on Griefhelm I assist Tucker with building and maintaining production schedules, tracking milestone fulfillment, and scheduling all internal (and external) singleplayer and multiplayer playtests. When necessary I’ll provide design feedback on milestone builds. Additionally, as Thorrnet is a small team, I create all the marketing/social material, edit store copy, build out all store pages, and work with third parties for potential promotional spots. Further, I moderate the Discord, interact with our active early access community, and run all Griefhelm social accounts. Lastly, as Griefhelm enters Steam Early Access I work with Tucker and the developer to build out rolling live ops content plans.

Tools Used:

  • Unreal Engine 4

  • Trello

  • Squarespace


  • Build and maintain our production schedule across milestones.

  • Assist in developing both early access and live ops content plans.

  • Create marketing/social material, edit store copy, and build out all store pages.

  • Schedule and run both internal (and external) singleplayer and multiplayer playtests.

  • Track milestone fulfillment and give design feedback on builds.

  • Maintain and grow the Griefhelm community through Twitter and Discord.